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Cassie Giovanni is a passionate storyteller. From creating an engaging hero's journey in her fiction to crafting unique brand stories. With more than a decade of experience in banking as front-end employee, assistant branch administrator, and financial marketer, she helps make sure brands are looked at holistically, across all contact points. She is an innovative marketing leader with 7+ years of experience delivering exceptional marketing plans, content and collateral based on established and new strategies. Cassie is a results-oriented and collaborative professional who brings expertise in brand management, strategic planning and project management.


  • Designed digital text and display campaigns that resulted in click-thru rates up to six times the industry standard, conversion rates at three times the industry standard and an ROI of more than 200%

  • Developed and executed strategic plans lead to record growth each year (2018 - deposit growth$71 million, $27.7 million booked consumer loans and the most significant increase in commercial lending in the bank's history with 17% growth YOY)

  • Spearheaded rebranding of Savings Institute, which resulted in a brand awareness increase by 40% in new markets and placement on Forbes' 2019 Top Banks in CT list

what I do


  • Team Management: 12+ yrs

  • Copyediting & Writing: 12+ yrs

  • Website Design: 12+ years

  • Project Management: 8+ yrs

  • Customer Journey: 8+ yrs

  • Contract Management: 8+ yrs

  • Training Development: 8+ yrs

  • Training Execution: 8+ yrs

  • Digital Advertising: 8+ yrs

  • Traditional Advertising: 5+ yrs

  • Budgeting & Allocation: 5+ yrs

  • Brand Management: 8+ yr

  • Digital Photography: 15+ yrs

  • Graphic Design: 8+ yrs

  • Public & Media Relations: 5+ yrs


* Please note that for professional reasons, Cassie's portfolio is only accessible upon request. 


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