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Book Review - Confess by Colleen Hoover

Confess is a standalone adult contemporary romance that follows Auburn and Owen, along with a few pretty unlikable side characters. It's a quick, light read for anyone who likes their romance to be about character growth.

Characters - The characters in this novel center around Auburn, Owen and Auburn's son's family on the father's side. Auburn was an okay character, but I felt that she was really lacking strength. Even when she did stand up for herself in the end, I felt she should've a lot sooner -- specifically, for the very reason she said she didn't stand up for herself -- her son. As a mother myself, I wouldn't have let my child end up in the situation with the 'brother-in-law'. Owen's voice was choppy, and he wasn't really all that likable. I find this is the issue with dual POV books, often times they just don't flow well. In the end, I think the novel would've gained something more from being solely from Auburn's POV.

Plot - The plot of this novel was a bit of weak tea for me, and the main reason for this was the fact there was a glaring plot hole related to the art in the novel, which was only worsened by the inclusion of pictures of the artwork in the paperback. Unless Auburn was completely daft, she would've seen the connection the second she met Owen.

Conflict - The conflict on Auburn's side was really self-involved, whereas Owen's conflict was far deeper and more engaging. Overall, the conflict was also a bit weak.

Resolution - I liked the fact that Auburn finally grew as a person, as a parent and stood up for herself and her child.

One thing that stood out to me about the novel was the intimate scenes. The novel really was about Owen and Auburn's growth as characters and wasn't dragged down by excessive and unneeded intimate scenes. The ones that were there were well-written and didn't have me squirming uncomfortably. This was my first book by Colleen Hoover and I found it to be enjoyable. I wish that the plot hole hadn't been there, though.

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