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Book Review - Whisper the Dead

When the kiss ended, too soon, he rested his forehead against hers, struggling to reclaim his usual discipline. Her breath trembled when she finally released it. "I'd say control is overrated, wouldn't you?"

A Whisper the Dead is the second book in the Lovegrove Legacy trilogy (which, is actually a duo with a novella). Just like the first novel, it's packed with amazing action, intrigue and forbidden romance. I loved every second of it until I began to realize that I won't get a full third book, which the series truly deserves.

  1. Characters - As with the first novel, this is limited omniscient with more of a focus on Gretchen, one of Emma's cousins. She has the ability to fix spells and can hear when they're going wrong. The way she fixes is them is with the help of dead witches whispering in her head. It's an interesting concept. What was even better than Gretchen's total bad assery was Tobias. I didn't think there could be a more swoony character than Cormac, but Harvey delivers another sexily torn leading man. And his special talent...amazing.

  2. Setting - London in the 1800's with the addition of all things magical. Need I say more? Harvey dropped us in, set the background, but allowed for the use of your imagination. Many fantasies utterly fail here, trying to force their view of their world onto you with unneeded description that weighs the story down. There's none of that here!

  3. Plot - As with all fantasy, the plot is twisted. So very twisted. Since we're in limited omniscient there are a few sub-plots regarding each character: Emma, from the first novel, Gretchen, the core concentration and Penelope. Unfortunately, Pen gets the least attention and I felt like the balance was a bit off compared to the first novel.

  4. Conflict - This had even more twists and turns than the first novel. I truly didn't see it coming when it hit me, and that was one of the reasons it took me a few days to get over my feelings of betrayal. I feel utterly betrayed by the publisher for cutting this series short. This novel ended on a cliffhanger, which was unlike the first one. The first one could've been the end, but this one certainly couldn't. It left me reeling. I also want to know more about Pen, which I doubt I will ever get it like it was planned.

  5. Resolution - Grr...this was the only thing about the novel that got to me. There really was no resolution. We get this huge climax and are left hanging with it.

Overall, this is a four-star read, only because of the ending that left me wanting more but knowing I won't get it. Just like the first book, it was action and romance filled, and it has me wanting to create my own witchy world to live in for a while.

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